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EdTech apps

Edtech Apps and Educational Apps Directory

Digital technology-based education has been trending for a while. You can find a large variety of educational apps being released on a daily basis and choosing the one you want among them can be a hassle. We understand that and have compiled a huge list of some of the best educational and edtech apps for you to choose from. You have the edtech app directory, which is a list of edtech apps and then you have educational apps directory with educational apps listed in it.

Teaching and Learning Simplified with Edtech Apps.

Edtech aka educational technology helps simplify and enhance the quality of teaching as well as learning processes through edtech apps. They keep the learning environments in sync with the modern times by merging digital technology with education. The best advantage edtech apps offer is that it provides personalized learning opportunities, tailor-made to meet the learning requirements of students individually and also, it allows learning beyond geographical barriers. We have researched and compile some of the best edtech apps under 8 categories for you. You can go through our edtech app directory and choose the apps that best suit your needs.

Remote Learning Made Easy with Educational Apps.

Educational apps help students learn remotely with the help of mobile devices. Learning becomes enjoyable and accessible from any corner of the world through these apps. Educational apps are often designed in a “lesson + test” format, which helps students analyze their performance and improve productivity. From teacher’s point of view, these apps help them upload the resources for all students at once and even review their assignments or tasks in an easy manner. Personalized learning is another benefit that educational apps offer, where students often have an option to learn based on their requirements. We have researched and put together a list of educational apps under 35 categories for you. You can explore our educational app directory and choose the apps based on your learning needs.